Consumer behavior on women fashion dress in Las Vegas

Consumer behavior on women fashion dress in Las Vegas

Consumer behavior on women fashion dress in Las Vegas Fashion is a billion-dollar industry employing millions of people around the world. Ever since the economy became more global consumers have to a large extent been affected by this fast evolving industry. Towards the late 1980’s, several large retailers dominated the fashion apparel business. Over the past decades the fashion industry has gone through some major structural changes. The end of the Multi Fiber Arrangement in 2005 increased the amount of bargain supermarkets for clothing. In the fast evolving fashion industry even the best plans and activities can be undermined by economic change and the actions of competitors. The fashion market in Sweden experiences severe competition under present conditions. Large clothing chains, such as H&M, Lindex and Kappahl, dominate the market. This puts smaller independent retail shops in a problematic situation. It is today easy to buy high fashion at a low price, particularly regarding female garments.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the female consumer behavior, with reference to clothes shopping. Subsequently the results will be applied to the independent retailer Fever in order to understand the shop’s lack of female customers. The study consists of two female consumer behavior investigations, one outside the shop Fever and one in the city, and an interview with the owner of Fever. Additional data has been collected from a variety of sources such as books, databases and articles.

Consumer behavior on women fashion dress in Las Vegas The theoretical framework that has been selected consists of a part regarding market segmentation, the Marketing Mix Model, a consumer behavior description, and a female consumer behavior analysis. Consumer behavior on women fashion dress in Las Vegas These theories and models constitute our research model, which has been used throughout this thesis. The chosen method is a combination of two quantitative surveys of female consumer behaviour, and a qualitative interview to gain deeper knowledge about the subject and to obtain width to the collected data. Initially, the approach will be exploratory with the purpose of obtaining the fundamental knowledge and understanding of the problem area that is needed as a basis for the rest of the thesis. Furthermore, this initial approach is developed by a descriptive part based on primary data.

The outcome of the analysis shows that Fever is in a precarious situation. The structured interviews performed in the city and outside Fever, indicate that women in Gothenburg in general are interested in fashion, but that there nevertheless is a large gap between the average female Fever customer and the average female shopper in the city. Fever experiences problems with reaching its female target group. However, there are aspects of the female consumer behavior that will support Fever’s continued selling of female garments. In order to counteract the low demand in the ladies department Fever has to take some severe measures, preferably on the promotional side. Finally, we have come to the conclusion that Fever can continue selling female garment since there are opportunities that might turn the situation.

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